In cities of the South, the urban crisis leads to the mobilisation of poor inhabitants who face serious shortages of equipment and basic services. Indeed, in irregular settlements and sometimes in wealthier areas, it appears that the State and Municipalities can rarely afford sufficient resources and proper means to organise urban management in a satisfactory manner and thus improve the way of living of the majority.

The entire international community is sensitive to the urban crisis, as it was shown during the Habitat II Conference, in Istanbul, in 1996. This crisis compels to imagine new ways of governance, including shared responsibilities between public authorities and civil society for a better access and right to the city and a better management of available resources.

Enda TM's urban environmental Programme

Enda Tiers Monde

The Urban Popular Environmental Economy Programme began in 1994. Funded by the European Commission, the programme is designed to support local initiatives in the South and initiate debates, analyses and information exchanges in order to contribute to the definition of improved environmental policies.

The main goal of the programme is to experiment innovative and participatory approaches in the management of the urban environment. Preceup also focuses on South-South exchanges of methodologies and technologies.

Preceup's website


The Programme's website has been updated and improved in September 1999 after the release by Preceup of a CD-ROM dealing with the urban environment in the South.

The CD-ROM focuses on the participatory aspects of urban environmental management. Its aim is to contribute to a better knowledge of the environmental situation prevailing in cities of the South. Also included are concrete recommendations to improve the way of living of disadvantaged urban groups.


More on the CD-ROM

How to order the CD-ROM?


Preceup's website draws heavily on the CD-ROM "the urban environment in the South". A majority of the texts present on the CD-ROM have been included on the site. If not, the user will find an icon which indicates that the full-text version of the document can be found on the CD-ROM:


The website contains various materials including :

- Source materials on the topic of the urban environment (WRI, IIED, UNCHS, etc.). The purpose here is to provide general information on urban policies and the state of the urban environment in the South.

September 1999