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From : Carol Brouillet <cbrouillet AT>
Date : 01/05/99 18:21
Object : News Update - Community Currency Website

“News Update on Community Currency Website/Activities/Events”

With the help of Robert Armas, dave Ratcliffe, and Jean-Luc, my website- is finally up and running. I've received a crash course in html 101 and so I can update it and make corrections myself (wow !!!for a technologically illiterate person like myself- there are no bells and whistles, mind you !).

In addition to great links to all the relevant websites/resources... I've included a calendar of upcoming events/conferences on Money, Local Currencies, the Global Economy, Global Transformation... (that I know of) from around the world.

I've also posted reports from the Gatherings on "Strategies to Transform the Global Economy" which I've organized (am organizing)... and links to the various participants who have websites.

There are also my articles, including a new one which is an adaptation of my speech for The Structure and Economics with a Vision Conference to be held in Damanhur, Italy, in May.

There are so many conferences, and so much going on, now ! I can't begin to do more than 2% of what I would like to do... since I have 3 small kids and my husband won't let me go gallivanting all over the place for any great length of time.

I'm glad to announce that I think the Canadian Film Board in conjunction with a German TV Station might make a very useful film on Money which could be a great consciousness raising tool.

I just wish we had more time ! I feel the pressure of Y2K, and want to do as much as I can to building the infrastructure of a just, ecological, community based/network of systems before the current system breaks down dramatically.

Please visit the website, let me know if I missed a vital link or made a mistake somewhere. And if you know of an event or something which should be posted on the site- let me know !

Thank-You !

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