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From : norbert AT
Date : 20/04/99 21:02
Object : Premiers Fora : liste de diffusion

Dear friend(s)

We're pleased to address this message to all the participants of the First Fora of Villages and Neighbourhoods of the World, using a mailing list which we have created in order to develop the first exchanges between all of us, before may 7th. This mailing list allows sending messages which all participants will receive in the same time. Those villages who don't have an e-mail address of their own will receive the messages by fax. On the other hand, we'll try building up an archive page on the Fora's Web Site ( ).

First of all, this mailing list may allow all of us to present themselves to the others, exposing our actions, our struggles, as well as the reasons, expectations and wishes which conduces every one of us to participate in these First Fora. That is why we ask you to reply to this first message by a presentation of your own, your group, etc..

In collaboration with the association Globenet, who are developping tools and reflections about a solidary non-marchant use of the new information technologies, we'll create during the Fora a real-time internet site which shall be a (non-Microsoft) window open to the world, which will allow all those who won't be able to attend to stay informed about the evolution of the First Fora, as well as to converse with one or the other of the participants.

It's exactly in 17 days when we'll meet to turn the First Fora des Villages et Cités du Monde into a place of collective expression, in order to make progress in the definition of our common goals.

We hope that all of you have at hand the elements you need for your coming, otherwise, we'll have to settle as quickly as possible the last details, such as every one be able to come in the best possible conditions. In this context, would you please confirm us the date and hour of your arrival, to the address periph AT Any technical or organizational questions can be addressed at this e-mail, too.

We'd like to ask you to reply to this first message as quickly as possible, in order to enliven this mailing list. We'll soon send you proposals about the scheduling and process of the First Fora.

Friendly regards to all of you.

Les périphériques vous parlent

P.S. : Some technical suggestions about the use of this mailing list :
If ever possible, we'd like to ask you to edit your messages as simply as possible. As you may know, not all countries and villages have the same technical ressources concerning e-mail, you may find it preferable to send only pure text messages, without any features, nor images, nor other attachments. Otherwise, some villages might find it difficult to decipher your messages.

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