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"L'enchâssement culturel de la vie économique locale"
"The Cultural Embeddedness of Local Economic Life "

AJOK OLING Liliane (NGO staffmember, Kampala, Uganda) " What is the attitude of the urban poor to economic profit ? "

AKPOKAVIE Claude Kwaku (political scientist; Ghana) " The peasant culture of development and agrarian modernization in Ghana "

APRESSYAN Ruben (philosopher, Academy of Social Sciences, Moscow) " Ethical values and Economic Activity in Current Russia "

ATOMATE Armand (World Bank officer) " The Role of Indigenous Institutions in Improving African Economic Performance "

CARMEN Raff (educationalist, Manchester University) " LETS (Local Exchange Trading Systems). A contemporary model of globalization counterpractice ? "

CHUAN WU-BEYENS I. (economist, Eurasia-Centre for Asian Studies,.Louvain-la-Neuve University) " Chinese Hui : an effective local mutual-aid economic organization "

COMMENNE Vincent (economist; Belgian Bank director) " Le financement alternatif dans la culture occidentale : l'exemple de la Belgique francophone "

DE BOECK Filip (anthropologist, Africa Research Center-ARC, Univ. of Leuven), Belgium " Domesticating diamonds and dollars. Consumption, accumulation and identity in Southwestern Zaire "

KAMDEM Emmanuel (psycho-sociologist, Essec, Univ. of Douala, Cameroun) " Cultural roots and new managerial skills for Africa. The case of business in Cameroon "

KEULDER Christiaan (economist, Namibian Economic Policy Research Unit,Windhoek, Namibia). " Moral priorities and profit-making in informal credit associations in South-Africa "

KNEEN Brewster (Economist, theologian, Canada) " The economy and culture of biotechnology "

LALEYE Issiaka-Prosper (philosopher and anthropologist, Univ. of St-Louis, Senegal)
- " Money as God. The wonderful and the magic in the relationship between man and money "
- " L'argent-dieu. Le merveilleux et le magique dans les rapports à l'argent en Afrique "

NARAYAN Laïla (NGO staff member, Bangalore, India) " Changing tribal economics - A discussion with the tribals of Nagarahole National Park "

NYSSENS Marthe (economist and consultant on social economy, Univ. of Louvain-la-Neuve), Belgium " Popular Economy in the South, Third Sector in the North : Are they signs of a germinating Solidary Economy ? "

PRADERVAND Pierre (sociologist, NGO activist, Geneva, Switzerland) " Towards a win-win paradigm of human relations "

PRICE Adam (business consultant, Wales, United Kingdom) " Language and economic development : case study-Wales "

SANTIKARO (buddhist monk, Buddhist Research Group, Thaïland) " Economic Behavior, Thaï Culture and Buddha-Dhamma "

SILLEVIS SMITT Anne Mara (Univ. of Amsterdam, Depart of Work and Organizational Psychology), the Netherlands " Organization and management in different cultures : What is the difference ? "

VALVERDE Jaime (sociologist and NGO leader, Costa Rica) " Rural economy and identity. The San Miguelean Association for Conservation and Development (ASACODE) case "

WILD Volker (sociologist, Zimbabwe-Germany) " Religion and magic in African business "

ZAOUAL Hassan (Moroccan economist, Univ. of Lille I and Littoral Dunkerque), France
- " Endogenous Cultures and modernity in Maghreb "
- " Cultures endogènes et modernité au Maghreb "
- " The economic system of the Soussi : a Berber people of Southern Morocco "

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