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For further information : Program
of the European Meeting for the Right to Housing
Location : School of architecture, University of Paris 6
144 rue de Flandres - 75019 Paris
Metro/subway : Corentin Cariou (ligne 7) - Bus PC2 (stop : Porte de la Villette)

Sunday September 25, 2000

6 PM to 9.00 PM

After the sunday protest, welcoming and registration of participants at the C.I.C.P.
21 ter rue Voltaire 75011 Paris - Ph : 01 43 71 22 22
Metro/subway : Rue des Boulets (ligne 9) or Nation (ligne 1, 2, 6 or RER A)
(Make sure to get to rue voltaire, not Boulevard Voltaire)

Monday September 25, 2000

Plenary : 9.30 AM to 12.30

9.30 AM :  Introduction : The right to housing and the European Union

The right to housing in the forth coming social charter. The right to  housing as criteria of convergence? Which european legislation can  ensure the security of occupancy to renters, allow access to housing for  all and mobilize vacant housing. What is the role of grassroot strategies in  the cities faced with globalization ?
Cesare Ottolini, European coordinator of Habitat International  Coalition (Italy)
 Discussion, testimonies, debate

10.45 AM :  break 

11.00 AM :  Public policies within the European Union

In the context of the housing shortage and State crisis, where should residents’ claims and proposals be addressed? Will the subsidiarity principles and the utilization of structural funds be sufficient to provide appropriate answers to urban centres in crisis?
Rapporteur : Laurent Gékhière, Director of the European Observatory  of Social Housing of CECODHAS (European Comittee of Social Housing Coordination).

Peoples’ control regarding compliance to housing rights
Public policies, international commitments regarding housing rights, the Habitat agenda 
Rapporteur : Han Van Putten, honorary president of HIC (Netherlands)

Discussion, testimonies, debate

12.PM to 2.00 PM : Lunch break

Plenary : 2.00 PM to 3.30 PM

2.00 PM :  Inventory of the breaches in housing rights within the European Union, residents’ struggles and organizing.

The denial of the right to housing in Europe : the homeless, sub-standard housing conditions, immigrants without legal status, increasing of precarious tenure status, evictions from cities centers and public spaces. Sharing of experiences on struggles and various forms of actions. In a liberal Europe, while facing globalization, what are the means necessary to build a bound international network? Which European mobilization campaigns for the right to housing?
Rapporteur : Jean Baptiste Eyraud president of Droit au Logement (France)
Discussion, testimonies, debate

3.15  PM:  break

Workshops : 3.30 - 6.30 PM

1 - Platform to be submitted to the European ministers of Housing

2 - The building of a european residents’ network, european campaigning

3 - Alternative experiences: self-help housing, self-renewal and upgrading, residents organizing.

Tuesday September 26, 2000

Plenary: 9.30 AM to 12.30

9.30 AM:  Workshops reports

11.00 : Break

11.30 AM :  Debate and finalization of the platform to be submitted to the European ministers of Housing (1st part)

12.30 : Lunch break

Plenary : 2.00 PM to 4.00 PM

2.30 PM :  Debate and finalization of the platform to be submitted to the European ministers of Housing (2nd part) 

4.PM : Ending




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