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The July 2nd 2001 Call for the establishment of  the
European Network of Researchers in Services of General Interest
Assembled in Brussels on 2nd July 2001, we, researchers from various countries of Europe consider that whatever institutional structure that the European integration is going to take, it can only exist if, along with the market forces, there develops a core of solidarity made up of services of general interest.

Whereas today market economy specialists provide analyses that are being used as a foundation for its indefinite expansion, we observe that research in the domain of public economy remains confined both within our individual countries and within our fields of study.
Consequently we are calling upon all researchers in Europe, in the Union or in those countries intending to join it, to participate in building up a pole of expertise transcending natural frontiers of our nations or of our different specialities.

In fact it is only through considerations situated, right from the start, at the European level and encompassing the global context that will be possible the emergence of theoretical tools that are seriously lacking today, for the construction of a balanced Europe in which the SGI will not be reduced to level of mere expression of universal services.

From today, 22 researchers from 7 countries have decided to establish a European Network of Researchers in Services of General Interest and to cooperate through:

1. Exchanging information concerning their different activities
2. Organising seminars to discuss common themes
3. Participating in European research programs on SGI

We are calling upon all researchers identifying themselves with this problematic, to come forth and join the European Network of Researchers in Services of General Interest:

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