loi HADOPI : le calendrier selon la ministre.
extrait de l’interview à ’les Echos’ ce jour.
"Confidence online" Charter , the government’s draft
a translation of the unofficial document
Le texte du projet de loi "création et internet"
une vue aérienne du texte + le projet de loi mis en forme en .pdf
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"Confidence online" Charter , the government’s draft
The stir about the text written (supposedly) by the interior minister, and the text itself.

On last friday, the online tech-zine « pcinpact » published an unofficial paper prepared by the French government,
the original document consisting in a scan of the four pages.

Here is an automatic – and then obviously approximate – translation of it. It is joined as a .pdf document at the end of this page.
We read on ’pcinpact’that his publication has prompted a quick reply by officials, saying that it was only a draft, unfit for diffusion.

It appears that, according to the government, the paper was prepared by the official association « le Forum des Droits sur Internet ». According to « pcinpact », some members of the « forum »denied this assessment.

What is drafted is an agreement apt to be proposed for signature to the ISPs and hosters in France. The providers are supposed to bind themselves to do several things to ’secure’ the internet.

The draft in its form, looks very much like the ’accords de l’Elysée’ against piracy, signed on last november (2007). The plan of the draft charter is the following :

Commitments made to users [by ISPs]

I : Enhancing the safety of the user

II : Providing general information

III :Oversee the use of services through a charter for users :

IV :Allowing better reporting from the Internet :

Commitments made to the authorities

V :Participate to reporting policy

VI : Improve response time to judicial requisitions :

VII :Better participate in the work of public authorities in preserving and transmitting data :

VIII. Establish an effective withdrawal and suspension, or blocking certain content :

"confidence online" charter - draft